Mas ess essay competition

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Economic Society of Singapore

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The Committee also reserves the sole copyright to all submissions. Aren M Maeir and Pierre de Miroschedji eds. MAS-ESS Essay Competition Winners First Prize Winner. Ms Chua Fang En.

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Hwa Chong Institution. Click here for the winning essay: Second Prize Winner (Joint Entry) Mr Zhang Zhi. Clara-Ann Cheng Ling. Raffles Institution. Click here for the winning essay: Third Prize Winner. The Economic Society of Singapore (ESS), formerly the Malayan Economic Society, was established on 28 Julyas a result of an initiative by graduates and staff from the Department of Economics from the then University of Malaya in Singapore.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Economic Society of Singapore (ESS) today launched the 15th MAS-ESS Essay Competition.

The theme for this year’s competition is “The Impact of Disruptive Technologies”. The MAS-ESS Essay Competition is an annual competition that is open to all pre-University students studying in Singapore, regardless of nationality, as well as all. MAS-ESS Essay Competition ”Leveraging Technology and Connectivity to Spur Growth in ASEAN” CCCS-ESS Essay Competition: “Nexus between Competition and Consumer Protection Policies” Previous Years’ Essay Competition.

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Mas ess essay competition
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