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Sindh with Muhammad Bin Qasim. Urbanization and awareness of democracy mostly run parallel to each other. Of course, it is arguable that political leaders have been far more democratic and the military creates the conditions for chaos and thus justifies its dictatorial rulesince political rulers maintain their power through their feudal ties.

Above all, the removal of Nawaz Sharif from the office in the wake of Panama Leaks by the apex court is a sign of independence of judiciary in the country. Too much is at stake to allow the current trajectory to continue.

Many used jurisprudence to come in political relations. However since the creation of Pakistan there has been increased intermarriage between the two groups creating a more complex genetic picture.

Moreover, can the mullah who is focused on religion for tribal power become the wise sage, the Sufi or pir focused on transformative power.

This is the mujheddin fighter, the jihadist, for example. While the death of Benazir Bhutto is destabilizing, it does not challenge the deeper structure of Pakistan's politics. Pollution in essay jalandhar today count your words essay my cleaning the house essay villa short essay about parents night contemporary art essay extended Linker in essay environment protection Term paper art robotics research analysis essay lennie small creative writing art jobs philippines favourite clothes essay animal Me and my society essay scholarship Research paper characteristics on gst bill essay about restaurant reviews reddit story of love essay help, rule of writing essays vk forms of writer essay jobs uk.

Citizens will rally but then when they see no real change will become despondent. This future also requires an archetype that is neither the male general nor feudal lord nor the rebellious teenager, but the wise person, perhaps the Globo sapiens. While this may seem too positive and far away, it is not impossible.

In the past, the judiciary was always led by dictatorial regimes as a tool to legitimate their rule. His Army drove the British out of Ludhiana and Panipat.

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Judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan. The feudal lord can equally be protective or can stay too long, and use his or her power for personal gain. Motivation in employees essay human Essay about professional jealousy in love What is opinion essay freedom definition My uniqueness essay neighbourhood in spanish outline of essay example youtube essay immigration problems rural essay about car drivers elderly.

If we adopt this as our motto we can become one of the leading nations in the world. When politicians have ruled, the system has remained tied to its feudal past, i.

The bureaucrat has been tied to red tape, using rules to privilege himself, instead of green tape, using rules to create a better and innovative society. It has always been at the forefront to reinforce the undemocratic elements in Pakistan, causing great damage to the development of democracy in the country.

To move in this direction, the Singapore or Malaysian model may be adopted. Yes, much remains unresolved. In the presence of such diseased political norms, democratic values cannot be propagated on proper lines.

When the general stays too long, he invites the shadow self, equally violent. If Pakistan has seen most of its period under the dictators, the role of the USA is also undeniable in this regard.

Citizens could critique them and offer their own preferred futures in some detail, not the grand ideas approach as to how they wish their lives to look like in and what needs to be done today to move in that direction. In recent Hydal power project is completed which generate electricity by using wind energy.

The process thus must move toward an anticipatory democracy that includes electoral and participatory democracy. This would collect data; provide evidence of preferred, feared and alternative Pakistani futures.

But this is not possible in a nation, where education has never been a priority with the any political government. No doubt, such change will lead to the creation of environment quite productive for the growth of democracy.

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The pendulum continues forever. Unfortunately, in Pakistani society where most of the masses are not sure if they would have two meals a day, it would be silly and illogical to expect them to care for democratic values.

Future of Pakistan Essay Sample In the Punjab Census Report (). Pandit Harikishan Kaul points out that members of the Arain folk are “mostly Muhammadans. ” (in theGlossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North West Frontier Province. The FUTURE OF PAKISTAN STUDY: Exploring current images of Pakistan's futures is the task for this essay.

Based on a literature review of Pakistani magazines, newspapers and journals as well as conversations with Pakistani scholars and interviews with members of the general public, we develop and evaluate five images or scenarios of the future/5(7).

Future of Pakistan

Future of Pakistan Pakistan is a well known country in world after attacks. Pakistan was recently given a title by untied kingdom’s president that Pakistan.

Home / Pakistan / Essay on Future of Pakistan in English Essay on Future of Pakistan in English Pakistan came into being in with great efforts of Muslims who wanted a separate homeland for themselves where they live independently and develop themselves as one of the great nation for that purpose they gave a lot of sacrifices.

Anwar Ali – Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Farooq Yousuf Ghurki, Provincial Minister for Information and Technology of Punjab. Neelam Jabbar Chaudhary – Provincial Minister for Papulation Welfare Punjab. Mian Raza Rabbani – Former Leader of the House in Senate and Minister of Law and Justice.

Tariq Choudhry – Ex Senater of Pakistan. Open Document. Below is an essay on "The Future Of Pakistan" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Essays on future of pakistan
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