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EAS had generated total employment to the extent of Control in population, development of rural areas, and by promoting youths to make career in various non famous sectors including agricultural, we can get success in removing the problem of unemployment from our country. As per document of the Sixth Plantotal number of unemployed was During the last two annual plans, the six sectoral programmes of PMGY were managed by the concerned Central Administrative Departments.

PMGY was launched in in all the States and the UTs in order to achieve the objective of sustainable human development at the village level. Bhattacharjee, Ashok Rudra, J. In this programme allocation of funds to the State is being made in proportion to the size of their population below the poverty line.

As the unemployment problem in India is multi-dimensional thus the policy followed by the government to tackle this problem is multi-faceted our which constitutes many-sided approach.

The Mahila Samridhi Yojana was also launched on 2nd October, in order to benefit all rural adult women. However, the payment of wages in terms of food grains has been made optional, depending upon the price of food grains in the open market.

Fourthly, while introducing special programmes for employment, it is quite essential to ensure that the programmes rightly matches the characteristics and abilities of targeted group and also match with the overall development plans of various sectors.

The annual growth rate of employment which was 2. But all would involve some costs. Schools and colleges are like factories.

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Some time they got trapped in criminal occurrence and sometime went into a deep mental depression. It is recognized as the mother of courtliness ills.

Essay on Unemployment in India: Causes, Consequences and Remedies

Total number of educated job seekers has also increased from 5. It is important to make critical evaluation of the employment policy followed in India both in terms of achievements and failures. Issue of unemployment affects especially those youth population of country who has completed their education from higher education colleges or institutes after spending a huge amount of money but could not be able to get a suitable job for them.

The Bhagawati Committee submitted its report in and suggested various schemes like rural electrification, road building, rural housing and minor irrigation works. You can modify the content as per your requirements as speeches and essays have different structures.

A high degree of unemployment and underemployment prevails among the agricultural workers of the country. The number of urban poor imparted skill training in was 1. With the growth of various sectors, the employment policy gave due stress an employment generation at a targeted growth rate fixed under different plans through different employment generation programmes like NREP, RLEGP, JRY etc.

Thus in Order to wipe out the projected unemployment in the country completely bythe country should achieve the required annual employment growth rate between 2.

Agriculture still remains as the biggest employer in the country. Essay on Unemployment in India Words | 8 Pages. Unemployment means under-utilization or non-utilization of available man-power.

Unemployment refers to the state of being unemployed or not having a job i.e. joblessness.

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Unemployment is a Major Problem in India. One of the major problems of India is unemployment. Unemployment means the state of being without any opportunity of earning one’s livelihood.

In the good, old, golden days when the population of the world was smaller, there was hardly a person who was not employed in some way or other to earn a living. Essay # 1. Meaning of Unemployment. Unemployment is a serious problem which underdeveloped countries like India, are facing today.

Unemployment indicates a situation where the total number of job vacancies are much less than the total number of job seekers in the country.

Unemployment in India. Unemployment is a serious problem of India. It is becoming more and more serious day by day. India has the population of about billion. Many of the Indians are jobless. The problem of unemployment is rising fast.

Every able bodied man and woman must get employment. Essay # 1. Meaning of Unemployment in India: Unemployment is a common economic malady faced by each and every country of the world, irrespective of their economic system and the level of development achieved.

Essay on Unemployment in India Words | 8 Pages. Unemployment means under-utilization or non-utilization of available man-power. Unemployment refers to the state of being unemployed or not having a job i.e.


Essay about unemployment in india
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Essay on Unemployment in India