Disclosure of cancer diagnosis to patients nursing essay

Abstract Disclosing the diagnosis or prognosis to cancer patients in Saudi Arabia can be a serious challenge to the physician in his daily clinic practice. Be more specific in the identification of the available treatments and applications for controlling pain and other symptoms and of the areas where control can be fostered like the advance care planning.

When the news is bad: Assuming that such disclosure is done with appropriate sensitivity and tact, there is little empirical evidence to support such a fear. Be open to discussions about prognosis, without being blunt or giving too much information and details, that often bring more confusion to the patient.

Study in Iran showed that almost half of the terminally ill patients with cancer were not aware of their diagnosis. A plan for determining the patient's values, wishes for participation in decision-making, and a strategy for addressing their distress when the bad news is disclosed can increase physician confidence in the task of disclosing unfavorable medical information [ 4748 ].

One ethical approach to the uninformed cancer patient. The important question of whether attitudes change or not, was positively answered by many psychologists and socialists.

Meanwhile, some simple guidelines can be proved very useful in giving medical facts during physician-patient dialogue.

SPIKES—A Six-Step Protocol for Delivering Bad News: Application to the Patient with Cancer

This presupposes a certain level of communication skills and emotional capability, as a result of focused and appropriate training Faulkner, Easy to say, difficult to do. The above presupposes a certain level of communication skills and emotional capability, as a result of a focused and appropriate training.

Avoiding absolutistic approaches, health care professionals can search for a consensus between the two extremes of total disclosure and non-disclosure Kazdaglis et al. Besides, in this country legislation allows non-disclosure Kazdaglis et al.

Journal of Psychosomatic Research. Patients were asked to participate in the study to measure their health-related quality of life while indicating we are using this information for our research purposes.

Telling the diagnosis to cancer patients in Japan: Public education, in addition to the partial cultural openness due to the communication revolution, and worldwide globalization are having some effect in changing a few aspects of the sociocultural atmosphere in Saudi Arabia.

The attitude towards disclosure of bad news to cancer patients in Saudi Arabia

X, Zhang R, Wei Y. Truth telling can also contribute in the achievement of therapeutic efficacy. Reinforce teaching regarding disease process and treatments and provide information as appropriate about dying.

Cancer is a complicated illness, which for many years and in many cultures was perceived as incurable. Cancer meant death, and there was a tendency to hide the diagnosis from the patient, who was subconsciously excluded from life [1]. When Confidentiality is breeched, it may deter patients from seeking treatment for fear of disclosure of one’s personal information (Beech ).

Confidentiality can result in legal and professional problems, distrust, disrespect, and feelings of betrayal and or poor compliance with treatment. Although disclosing a diagnosis of cancer has been identified to be one of the hardest aspects of having the disease, relatively little is known about the extent to which people talk about their diagnosis of cancer.

This study aimed to identify disclosure patterns among patients with cancer and to determine the factors associated with disclosure. Nursing Research Paper Example: Announcing a Terminal Diagnosis 27 June, Breaking bad news to patients is a sad yet unavoidable duty of medical professionals.

Mistreatment in cancer patients Essay Assignment #1 Mistreatment in Cancer Patients Strayer University SCI Mistreatment in Cancer Patients This article highlights a scandal at Colchester General Hospital in which a patient suffering from a brain tumor recently died.

and to deliver bad news to cancer patients and families. Accurate prediction and disclosure of diagnosis and prognosis are essential for both treatment and personal decision-making for.

Disclosure of cancer diagnosis to patients nursing essay
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The attitude towards disclosure of bad news to cancer patients in Saudi Arabia